Antônio Zanotti


Front-end developer with +15 years of experience, using technology to develop solutions. Searching for long-term opportunity to work as Frontend Developer.

I am a friendly, observant, inquisitive and curious coworker who likes to listen and help people on the team. I value human diversity and believe that we cannot define ourselves. We create ourselves at every moment of our existence, between our choices and the limits of social coercion. Promoting a positive social impact through technology is one of my goals.

Proficient in Vue, React, Next.js, Vite, Storybook, UnoCSS+Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Redux, Pinia, GraphQL, Vitest, Jest… I’m open mind to study and adapt me to your Tech Stack.

Besides work, I love my husband, we’ve been living together for 7 years. I also like to study sociology, do exercises at home, take a track, go to the beach, hangout with friends, watercolour, arduino...

const birthday = new Date("1990-04-18");
const location = "Florianópolis, Brazil";
const pronouns = ["he", "him"];
const degree = "Internet Systems Technologist (FEEVALE, 2011)";
const secondDegree = "Bachelor in Sociology";
const values = ["ethic", "love", "freedom"];


Full Stack Developer

MAD Design GroupSydney, New South Wales, AustraliaJul 2015 - Dec 2023
Front-End DevelopmentTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwind CSSCSSHTMLStorybookViteVuePiniaGraphQLGitMySQLSQLData ModelingOOPSoftware DevelopmentKanbanNetSuiteMagentoZend FrameworkPHPCommunicationEnglish

From 2015 onwards, I designed and developed a system with Monolithic Magento Enterprise architecture for multiple e-commerces, resulting in the creation of 30 e-commerces to date. The objective of the project was to centralize all e-commerces to facilitate code maintenance, visually standardize and facilitate the expansion of the group's international presence, to date 5 brands in 6 locations, including United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom and Global.

From 2018 onwards, I led the migration process from Magento 1 to Magento 2, this update reduced page loading and creation of page caching by 50% on average. It took months of work, planning, refactoring code, testing and migrating data to complete the project, due to the high level of customization and subsystems. The migration was a success and very few bugs were found and promptly resolved.

From 2019 onwards, I designed and developed an sales order synchronization system between Magento and Netsuite in both directions, using PHP, MySQL, SuiteScripts (Netsuite) and Crons, resulting in a 99% reduction in manual sales order entry. This reduced errors associated with manual data entry, and also contributed to reduced delivery time and sales order traceability.

Front-end Developer

MoovwebCalifornia, United StatesOct 2012 - Sep 2013
Front-End DevelopmentJavaScriptSASSCSSHTMLGitRegexCommunicationEnglish

Developed mobile interface of approximately 20 e-commerces using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Regex and Git. Collaborating with the sales team, my role involved creating demo videos of mobile interfaces. This collaborative effort resulted in great customer acquisition success, providing the team with evidence to present to potential customers.


Topaz UI component library

TopazNov 2023 - Present
Front-End DevelopmentReactVueNext.jsViteTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwind CSSCSSHTMLnpmStorybookGitTest AutomationUnit TestingJestVitest

Develop this UI component library for React and Vue projects. Created some reusable components (button, heading, icon, input, textarea, tag and toggle theme so far), fully responsive, built-in TypeScript support, dark and light theme, font size and colors customizable through preset.

Maintain React version using Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Jest and Testing Library for Unit Testing, tsdx for packaging, Storybook for documentation. Go to GitHub, NPM or Documentation.

Maintain Vue version using using Vite, TypeScript, UnoCSS with Tailwind CSS, Vitest and Testing Library for Unit Testing. Go to GitHub, NPM or Documentation.

Migration to Jamstack archicture

MAD Design GroupJan 2023 - Dec 2023
Data ModelingGraphQLFront-End DevelopmentTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwind CSSCSSHTMLViteVueGitStorybookPinia

In 2023, I proposed the transition to the JAMstack architecture, which will gradually replace the Magento platform by APIs. This migration will result in significant gains in application performance, and will provide greater independence for content managers. For this, I created a system using Vue, Vite, Pinia, Typescript, UNOCSS+Tailwind CSS, Storybook, urql for collaborative development by 2 designers and 2 developers.

I proposed improvements to data modeling in Hygraph (GraphQL Headless CMS), to improve performance and maintain the platform's flexibility.